Are We There Yet?

All the planning has been done and it’s definitely time to start.  Mom’s ready, twins are ready, well maybe not as ready as mom. 😉  Our family typically waits till after Labor Day to start our year, so this is our last day of complete freedom!  We spent the day at some friends house that have a yearly Labor Day weekend bash.  The twins and several of our grandkids swam, went on a hay rack ride, watched a movie outdoors, played in a tree house and generally ran amok for hours.

Tomorrow, tomorrow……..

The twins’s Freshman year officially begins tomorrow.  September signIt’s hard to believe that we are at that point.  For our family this is a transition year, where the kids begin to take on a more active role with their schoolwork.  We love to read aloud, but this year they will be doing most of their reading independently.  And, yes, this is bittersweet.  There is something very special about sharing a book with someone.  We will still have a few books that we go through together, but the rest I’ll have to hear about when they narrate to me.

Balancing Act

man balancingAre we the only ones who struggle with balancing home commitments, schoolwork and outside commitments?  There is always something/someone tugging at our time.  And some of the things are really good things!  So we juggle what gets done and what is left undone.  Some days school is the #1 priority and nothing gets in the way.  Other days we forget the “schedule” and give in to the tug.  I guess this is representative of life in that some days we make our plans and life gets in the way.  I remind myself frequently that the schedule is the servant and not the master. 😉

The Real Goal

learning, schooling signWhen all is said and done, school is a tiny portion of our lifetime.  What is more important is that our children come out the other end with a love of learning.  That is a lifelong pursuit.  Just last week a friend and I were talking with her daughter about grades.  They seem so important at the time, but honestly the grades I got in school haven’t affected my life for 35 years.  35 years!  That’s a long time.  Find what makes your child tick and plan their education accordingly.

You could say I’m faunching at the bit!  Check back in a week and see how reality matched up to expectations. 😉


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