Curiosity Killed the Toilet?

imageThe plan was to blog about homeschooling next, but we have an ongoing interruption.  After all, life is the best teacher!  So on Friday one daughter was dying to know what exactly happens when you flush the toilet.  She had the idea that the water went from the bowl up into the tank and then down the sewer.

She gingerly lifted the lid, with one hand, ready to replace said lid if a geyser erupted got ready to flush………. and the lid slipped out of her hand went down into the tank and promptly broke a hole the size of a softball right through the bottom.  broken toiletShe ran out saying “mom, mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” (repeat multiple times).  We went down the hall and could hear water running…… yep, all over the bathroom floor and soaking up the bedroom carpet.  Being a plumbers daughter I grabbed the float and lifted. However my knowledge failed me at this point, so I called Mr. Fix-it-all (hubby).  He told me where the shut off was and we started mopping and vacuuming up the water.

One Thing Leads to Another

imageMr. Fix-it-all pulled the toilet, after we called several plumbers and found out the existing unit is so old we can’t just replace the tank.  You guessed it, the sub-flooring was a crumbling spongy mess.  This means the vinyl flooring also has to go.  By Friday night we were down to bare floor boards and NO Toilet in the master bath.

Putting It All Together

Saturday the new sub-flooring was in and all screw holes filled.  We found a remnant for $30 and made the template. IMG_6353 The lady at the flooring store said we were saving $300 by doing the floor ourselves.   Several trips were made to Home Depot and a new toilet purchased.  Mr. Fix-it-all was pooped (pun not intended) so we went a 2nd night flooringwithout a convenient toilet.  This matters to um, older folks who get up several times a night. 😉

The Finished Product

floor and trimSunday afternoon after a quick nap he was back at it.  This was after his day job of preaching.  Trim was purchased and installed. Mr. Fix-it-all is worth his weight in gold.  He has saved us thousands over the years.    New toilet was set and we are back in business! (pun intended) 😉bathroom


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