Do Over

alt-151434__340Ever have one of those days or weeks or years, that you want to just go back and do over? Well, we have had a “do over” in a different sense. In mid November I flew to Arizona because my health was taking a major nosedive.
For two weeks the twins did homeschooling on their own and emailed me the days narrations and work they completed. Then a good friend flew them to me and we, well, we had an unplanned vacation!IMG_7128
For 12 days we shopped, ate, swam and visited parks in the Mesa area.

When we came home December 12th we were homeless and without all our books and most importantly 24/7 access to the internet. This made it very interesting. We began replacing books, paper, pens, pencils, notebooks and limped along for 6 weeks.

IMG_0519Now we are in our new home and back to full speed, although not the internet speed we have been spoiled with for the past few years.
So, in a way, we have had a “do over” in that we basically started from scratch with our belongings and school supplies. It’s been an interesting ride the wouldn’t have happened without a LOT of people helping us.

We’ve also learned some things along the way like:

Some things are vitally important- like toothbrushes, bath towels and bed sheets

Some things are not important at all- like the gazillion CD’s, 39 coffee mugs and 57 shirts we each had!

It’s not good to hold on to possessions too tightly.

People are the most important things 🙂

Technology is nice but life does go on without it.

Most things are not worth near what you pay for them.

We didn’t need 2 TV’s, 4 computers, 7 tablets, 2 DVD players, etc.

We really, really like not having so much “stuff” to take care of!

We now live about 20 minutes from town, as opposed being right there.  This has been very nice and quite healing!  We have our animals back and the goats are both due to kid sometime in the next month or two.  School work is now done in record time most days, because the girls want to outside with the chickens, goats or in the garden.  We are planning our square foot raised beds,(math), learning how to level the trampoline, (physics), giving goats their shots,(biology), hauling tons, and I mean tons of limbs to the burn pile, (p.e.), driving the local side roads (geography), studying birds in the area, (nature study), learning to shoot a bb gun, (gun safety) and loving the quiet mountain community we now call home.

arrows-147751__340Even though a “do over” wasn’t in our schedule and was very hard to go through, we’ve made it to the other side and can truly say we’re thankful for the journey.  I guess it’s all in the way you look at things.  Keep lookin’ up!



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