Everybody Eats

“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” -Orson Wellesproduce

Food, glorious food!  Our family really enjoys eating. 😉  Over the years our habits have changed, like meat and potatoes twice a day, which happened for years.  Now we lean toward low carb foods and we call supper, dinner.  However it happens in your family, it needs to happen.  Eating out all the time is neither healthy nor financially responsible, unless you’re independently wealthy.  Last year we took a challenge to not eat out for the month of January, easy peasy.  This year, 2015, we went from January 1 to the end of March.  Surprisingly it wasn’t that hard.  You just have to plan.  So, here we go………..

To Menu or not to Menu

Over the years we have had a lot of different menus and we’ve flown by the seat of our pants withmenu mealtime.  Each way has it’s merits, but overall I like having a menu.  That doesn’t mean I “have” to follow it exactly but it is certainly one less thing to think about.  And when we want to veer off we can.  Lots of menus I’ve seen online only include dinner, but I like having a plan for all three meals a day.  We’ve had to work around several health issues which sometimes makes meal planning harder, but also once the planning is done, it’s done!

Breakfast Blues

Do you eat breakfast?  It’s a requirement in our house.  For most of last year the girls made their own breakfast and lunch.  This school year they are on their own a lot, but occasionally I make them pancakes or bacon and eggs.  I’m a stickler for protein in the morning, so chips and salsa rarely cut it.  For the past few months we have what baconamounts to a short order breakfast here.  Hubby has, almost without exception, a blueberry, protein powder, almond milk, blue green algae smoothie.  I have the exact same breakfast every morning, 3 slices of bacon, sometimes with leftovers from the night before.
The menu is what the twins eat, or not. 😉  Saturdays are more laid back and we like to make homemade donuts occasionally.

Lunch Lament

If there was one meal I could eliminate it would be lunch!  We’ve been homeschooling  for taco26 years and lunch has been my nemesis for most of that time.  Oh there were times when we had homemade bread and homemade soup, but that is a lot of work when you’re in the middle of multiple subjects.  If there was a pill to take for lunch I’d sign up!  As you can see by the menu our lunches are pretty simple.  My lunch is chicken in a(affiliate link)  coconut wrap, you guessed it, every week day.  Boring, but I don’t have to think about it, and I really like chicken!

Dinner is a Winner

table settingFinally the meal that there is actually time for. 🙂  I really do love to cook and one of the twins would cook every single day if she could.  It’s just the time thing.  We are up and going in the a.m. and trying to finish things at lunch time, so dinner is the only relaxed, take our time meal during the week.  This year we are trying out a new system where each twin makes the complete dinner one night a week.  It’s good practice for them and gives me a break.  We tried letting the cook off of dishes, but that backfired.  Now that the cook also does dishes there are a LOT less dirty dishes. 😉  Another thing we implemented this year is everyone tells one thing they are thankful for during dinner.  It’s a nice way to end the day.  So, what is your favorite meal?


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