Perfection is Not the Target

perfect signHere is a typical day in our house.  We rise at 6:30 and everyone makes their bed, tidies their room and has some quiet time for personal devotions.  I am up and have breakfast made by 6:45.  We usually eat whole grain cereal or pancakes with fresh fruit and milk from our goats.  Then it’s time for chores and school work.  We can typically finish all our schoolwork by noon.  One of the girls then cooks a nutritious lunch and we have our afternoons for hobbies or field trips.

Ok, maybe this is more like it.  I wake up the girls repeatedly starting at 7:00 a.m.  They stagger out of bed around 7:20.  alarm clockThree days a week they swim with me or they work out while I swim.  Then I push and push and push them to get out of the shower so we can get home and “start our day”.  They are on their own for breakfast, so sometimes it’s chips and salsa, sometimes fruit, sometimes dill pickles or leftovers if we have  eaten out the night before.  Breakfast is accompanied by a book and I begin to push again for them to “finish”.  Animals need fed and or let out and this presents another opportunity to draggggggggg things out.  You guessed it, more pushing.  Are you seeing a pattern?

Finally around 9:30 or 10:00 we have bible study together.  We are working our way through the book of Joshua right now and all three of us are copying the new testament.  bible studyThis is an ongoing project and will take them several years to finish.   After bible study/copying we start in with our subjects.  Twin number one dragggggggggggs everything out and must be pushed to complete her independent work, while twin number two rushes through all her work and is done in no time.  This presents a problem when we have subjects that we do together, as you can imagine.

After all schoolwork is done, most days by 12 or 1ish, we have lunch.  They are mostly on their own again and are happy snacking. Hubby and I have the same thing every day- chicken.  Some days I fix some for the twins, but most days they don’t want chicken.  For years I felt like “I” had to fix all the meals, and many homeschool moms (friends) told me I was crazy!  It’s so freeing, and yes, they still have to be fairly sensible in what they eat.

Quiet please signAfter lunch we sometimes have a quiet time (for mom) and sometimes we have errands to run or school to finish.  Sometimes they have had it with me and just want to spend time reading in their rooms.  That’s ok, sometimes I’ve had it with them too!  Sometimes I send them outside because I know I will have some quiet time.

Eventually we hope to really have goat milk for breakfast, but our goats are only 4 months old right now.  And sometimes we do have pancakes, but that’s only when I am really hungry for goats

We are probably not what you think of when you think of homeschoolers.  Most of our schoolwork is done in the living room lounging, or at the coffee table.  Rarely do they sit at their desks.  We do a ton of reading and most of it together.  And yes there are many days when the girls are still in pj’s!

If we are presented with an opportunity to really dive into anything that catches our attention, we’ll stop and do just that.  It may be wild turkeys in the front yard, or birds at the feeder or a family favorite, hummingbirds.  Everything comes to a halt if anyone yells “hummingbird!“.  This includes my married children and grandchildren. 😉hummingbird at feeder

We are not into textbooks either and use them very sparingly.  Give us a living book over a textbook any day.  We lean more toward a classical approach, and have studied things like Shakespeare, Latin and  artists and composers of old.  Don’t think this makes us snooty, because we are anything but.

Well, that is a fairly typical day in our homeschool. We aim for a harmonious, productive, filled with learning day, and most days we are at least on the target.  Once in while we even hit a bullseye!bullseye

How about  you?  What does your typical day look like?


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