Saturday Morning Haircut

One of the ways we have saved a lot of money over the years is learning to cut our own imagehair.  It’s not that we never paid for a haircut, because we have, but it’s been since our early marriage that hubby was in a barber shop.  And now there are times when I cut my oldest grandson’s hair.

Learn how to cut hair-

In the beginning I had no idea how to cut hair and have it look presentable.  My family lived through quite a few awkward cuts.  Don’t be shy about asking technique questions whenever you or any family member gets a salon cut.  IMG_5661I also checked out library books to learn, and now you can find tons of youtube videos.  I even found one on how to cut your own hair!  That cut was not my best and had to have quite a bit of “cleaning up” at my next bargain haircut.  Oh and just to make you feel better I’ve cut 3 of my kids’s ears when they were little.  Oops!

 Invest in good tools-

For years we used a sheet and clothespins as a drape.   Now we have one designed for haircuts and it has lasted for 15 years.  In the beginning it was more important to me to have good scissors and trimmers.  We’ve gone through a couple of trimmer sets over the years, but at least one set I got at a garage sale. image Keep your trimmers oiled and they should last a long time.  A barber once told me that you never need to sharpen trimmers, just clean and oil them.  And make sure you have a nice comb.  That is an essential!

Practice, practice, practice-

Obviously the only way you will get better is to practice.  It might be better to start on the adult males in your family as they don’t wiggle as much!  We’ve cut hair in the kitchen, the bathtub and outside.  Find a willing victims, I mean, clients and keep learning. Don’t be in a hurry.  Take your time and do it right.  Trying to cut corners (pun intended) does not usually turn out well.  Section hair off and go slow. IMG_5653

Girls vs boys

My boys were both blonde headed, which is harder to get looking nice when you layer the hair.  You will want to get proficient with a comb and trimmer for blonde hair, otherwise  your cut lines will be very noticeable.   All my girls have dark hair, which hides a multitude of sins.  The girls in our family usually needed a bang trim or the back trimmed and would go longer between cuts.  I have done a few bobs when my girls were younger but they generally liked their hair long.  If your girls want a complicated hairstyle spend the money for the initial cut at a discount salon and take notes!  The boys were a bit more challenging, but also provided more practice.   My oldest had all sorts of fun cuts when he was growing up- steps, lightening bolts, the classic bowl.Now I mostly give a longer version of a military high and tight.  It only requires guides 3,2 &1 with the trimmers.

You have hair where?

As your guys “mature” you will find the need to invest in an ear/nose trimmer.  Whenever I cut hubby’s hair now, he also gets an ear and eyebrow trim.  He trims his own nosehair.  Because, well, I pluck my own chin. 😉image

It’s truly art to watch a professional cut hair and there are times you will want to spend your money on a salon cut, but for in between trims or simple cuts, there is no reason you can’t learn to cut hair at home!  Learn to trim bangs, start investing in good tools and practice.  You will find your skills improve over time.


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