Stereo Summer

Today my twin daughters (14) have taken over the camera and the blog to give you a glimpse into what they think homeschooling looks like during our summer.  Enjoy!swimmingThree days a week we swim at the pool (or sometimes work out while mom swims).  Then mom heads for the hot tub.  We are not allowed in the hot tub till we are 16. Drat! Drat! Drat!mom in hot tubOnce we’re home it’s time for breakfast.  Today it was dill pickles and caramel popcorn (healthy) we made ourselves.  We love dill pickles. girl eating dill pickle

girl reading while eating

And whenever mom lets us, we read while we eat.

We have a ton of animals that need fed every morning.  We have 10 chickens, 1 duck, 3 guinea fowl, 2 cats and 1 dog.  We just got 2 goats that are four months old! baby goats and goat houseToday we had to clean out the goat house and put clean straw down for them.  This morning we had to wait for one of our hens to vacate the goat house.  I guess it’s nice and cozy in there.  After breakfast and animals we do bible study together and chores. (Drat on the chores as well)

girl putting clothes in dresser

Tomorrow is Teen Tuesday at the library and they are having a Mario Kart challenge with prizes!  So we need to get in some practice today. mario kartWe can use all the practice we can get, as you can tell by our place badges. girl watching TVOur niece came over so we watched Wild Kratts while we ate lunch.  Then we took her to see the goaties and chickens.  One of her favorite hens pooped on her shirt so mom had to wash it. After our niece left we played on the tire swing, with the goats and more Mario Kart.  Since we are going fishing bright and early, we decided to do some of our tomorrow chores today!

vacuum cleanersweeping

After dinner on Monday’s we have game night with everyone taking a turn to pick what we play.  Tonight was Dad’s turn and he picked chess.playing chess

chess game

We are so excited to go fishing that we’re making breakfast tonight!


That was our day.  Goats are in their house for the night, chickens are put away and we are going to bed early!  Us in bed early? Never happens.


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