Supercharged Science

One of my recent awesome finds is Supercharged Science. It’s run by a rocket scientist who happens to have a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked at NASA. She is a wealth of knowledge and we have enjoyed watching her videos and doing the experiments at home. Science is not my strong suit and although I’m not afraid of teaching it, I usually need a resource of some kind. And, being frugal has led me to think outside the box. I’ll admit some years my science was lacking.  image Here we are shooting off our stomp rockets.  The twins and three of my grandchildren, ages 3-14 had a blast (pun intended) creating and launching these rockets all afternoon one Sunday.  She is very gracious with her offers of free videos.  We have watched several and I’ve bookmarked the lessons and already know what project we will do next- Bat Kites.  Seriously, if you need any help with science Supercharged Science is the place to get it.  Head over to my review page or follow the above link to find out how to incorporate this into your frugal homeschool.



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