The Circle of Life

Last Wednesday our guinea hens were noisier than usual and hanging very close to the house.  We have a mom who has been setting right out front so I went to see what the commotion was, suspecting the babies had hatched.  I counted 6 babies!  imageSoon that number grew to 15!  We were pretty sure that all our guineas were female but we do have a rooster 😉

We’d done our research and knew that genetics was going to be the big player here.  If the babies are genetically more guinea they will survive, but if they are more chicken they will only live a few days.

New babies are sooooo exciting, and all the grandkids came over to hold them. imageUnfortunately they began dying and in the space of 3 days we are down to 1 active keet and 3 that are looking very ill.  We’ve had a lot of burials over the last 3 days with one this morning.  Youngest daughter said “we should have one or two burials a year not so many in a few days.”

For today we love and dote on the one remaining little baby who is healthy and keep a close eye on the three that are exiting life.  image


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