Pallet Queens

About 10 minutes from our home is a hardware store that Gives Away wood pallets!  New, perfectly good pallets.  I call regularly to see if they have any because, well, the twins and I are mad about building things out of pallets.  First we built a kidding shed and partial stanchion, that didn’t make the cut when we moved. IMG_1601 Then we built a goat stanchion that the girls use twice a day when milking.  Taylor and I built a hay feeder in about 20 minutes one evening, for the goats.  IMG_1605Contrary to popular belief, goats don’t eat everything.  They are actually kinda picky.  For the most part they won’t eat stuff off the ground. Unless its extra delicious!  When my dad came to visit they made an A-frame for baby chicks that would survive a hurricane! IMG_1608 We use the A-frame for baby chicks and anyone that is being picked on.  Its great for keeping little ones warm and safe from big mean hens.  And today we started our project to enlarge the chicken house.  Because we have an addiction……… to cute baby chicks. IMG_1610Our oldest hen is 8 years old, which is quite old for a hen and she is sitting on eggs.  She started with 8 and one hatched a cute yellow chick.  Unfortunately that chick fell from the nesting area and was attacked by the other hens. Those scoundrels also pecked open two eggs, so two more babies died and one was premature and didn’t make it.  However in the last couple of days two black chicks emerged from their shells and we have taken every precaution to protect them.  We’ve named them Eclipse and Nightfall- their adoptive mother is Nightsky, so we are going with the night theme.IMG_1596  As soon as Nightsky either abandons the last two eggs or they hatch, all will be moving into the pallet A-frame house.  Meanwhile we bought 6 chicks and 2 ducks.  One duck is youngest granddaughters, but lives at our house.  Sooooooooooooo, with this addition I’m thinking we can add a few more.  The girls were trying to figure out how many we could house and we came up with 20.  Let’s see, right now with the new babies we have 13, not counting the rooster or the ducks.  7 or 8 more should be just right.  Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell my hubby. 😉


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